Developmental Movement Play

What is developmental movement play?

An idea based on children's natural movements and is always... 
  • Child lead
  • Playful
  • Neuro developmental
DMP provides opportunites for children to spontaneously explore their bodies and their environment in their own way and manage their own risks. 
The 5 kinds of movement play
  • Floor play
  • Belly crawling
  • Crawling
  • Push, pull, stretch, hang, buffet about
  • Spin, tip, roll, fall
working with touch
Touch stimulates the growth of the nervous system, prompting development at every level. 
We work with children to encourage them to aquire awareness of what touches us and what we touch to discriminate positive from negative touch. 
Kinds of touch:
  • Touch contact with the environment
  • Touching other people in the swim of spontaneous play
  • Adult supporting particular movement experience for a child
  • Touch to keep children safe
  • Touch to comfort

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