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Anyone for a haircut?

Look at our new skills we learnt today as we found out about the work of a hairdresser.

We booked appointments, checked the time and learnt words like curly, straight, long and short. ✂

We brushed and styled, cut and combed, curled and added clips...lots of them!

We even got to brush and style the teachers hair!

Miss Mayfield and Miss Conachan were hairdressers before deciding to work with children and so could teach us lots of things.

“I was really impressed with the children's creativity during the hairdressing activity. The children were keen on learning how to use the brushes, bobbles, slides and rollers on the models..they were really enthusiastic and I can’t wait to do it again”

Top tip: The hairdressing role play was planned to enhance communication skills, builds friendships, self confidence and teach the children about different occupations, develop maths skills whilst using money and writing skills whilst booking appointments.

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