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The first days of your child’s time at pre-school can be some of the most emotional for both you and your child and we aim to make it the most seamless transition as possible.  

After your initial contact you will receive log in details so that you can access our parent communication app where we can discuss any of your concerns and answer any of your questions.


Find out more about the app here >

We will arrange a visit to the setting of your choice and then arrange a stay and play session for you and your child where you will meet the staff, engage in activities and explore all aspects on their new environment. Between us should we decide it appropriate we may organise a home visit particularly if your child has any medical issues, additional needs or if English is an additional language and further support is required.

New starters will be allocated a key person who will be the primary contact for you once your child starts with us and will create a triangular partnership between them, you and your child where learning will be shared both within the setting and at home. 


During the stay and play session we shall aim to get to know everything we can about your child, from their favourite food to the name of their teddy bear or special comforter. The more we know, the more we can share and support and build that crucial bond.

To book a visit or find out more information please visit each pre-school page or contact us here

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